David Sarma
VFX | Design
Creative Art
New Orleans, LA
Brooklyn, NY
Math: BA 2002, NYU

Computer Art: MFA 2008, School of Visual Arts
NASA-GISS, Sony Music, Framestore, Cultures of Resistance
Work Locations
Box Studios, Embassy Row, Capsule Studio, Smoke and Mirrors NY, Phosphene, Madagascar Institute
Visual Arts Gallery,
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Brooklyn International Film
Festival, 6.2009 >>
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I am a VFX Artist working in film and commercials (Box Studios, Framestore NY), and Designer (Cultures of Resistance, Embassy Row). I have worked as a retoucher for Pascal Dangin, designed for a photography studio (Capsule Studio), worked in architecture (H. Theophile), and assisted on a variety of animation and art projects, including work for director Michel Gondry (Partizan), sculptor Robert Lazzarini (Deitch Projects), and the Madagascar Institute. I worked previously in research at the NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies (1997-2003).

Chinese/Indian in origin and and from New Orleans, my background is in Math (BA 2002, NYU) and Computer Art (MFA 2008, School of Visual Arts). My training was under a variety of instructors including Profs. Cheeger and Lax, with research capacity developed at the Goddard Institute, and VFX apprenticeship at Framestore NY. I have fenced competitively (NYU Fencing), danced (house, breaking) for performance and motion capture, and pursue current interests in drawing, photography, and music. Topics of interest include computational photography, language formation, and use of perception in scientific computing. Current line of inquiry is in the analysis and simulation of social systems, and Topological Data Analysis.

Please direct inquiries to david@davidsarma.org.

-David Sarma