The School of Visual Arts
    MFA: Computer Art
New York, NY5.2008
New York University
    BA, Cum Laude: Math
    Minors: Music, Computer Science
    Athletics: NYU Fencing
New York, NY5.2002
Benjamin Franklin High SchoolNew Orleans, LA5.1998

Work Experience
Freelance: VFX | Design | ResearchNew York, NY Start: 4.2011
    CaseRails4.2014App DesignCaseRails
    A Calculus for the
    Facial Representations7.2013ResearchIARPA
    Perception & Computing4.2013ResearchIARPA
    Calvin Klein9.2012VFX/RetouchingBox Studios
    LUV - Madonna2.2012VFX/RetouchingBox Studios
    UDCP7.2011Paint/RotoFramestore NY
    Tower Heist 7.2011Paint/RotoPhosphene
    The Sitter5.2011Paint/RotoSmoke and Mirrors NY
Cultures of Resistance
    Designer: Motion graphics, Print Design
New York, NY Start: 2.2010
    Muslimgauze12.2010Motion Graphics
    Militarization 11.2010Motion Graphics
    Midnight on the
     Mavi Marmara
6.2010Motion Graphics
    Cluster Munitions4.2010Motion Graphics
H. Theophile
    Production Artist: Photo retoucher
New York, NY Start: 11.2007
    Production Artist: Effects artist
New York, NYStart: 9.2006
    Hot Item: Bridgestone11.2008FX: Rocks, Gravel
    Busy People: Lowes10.2008FX: Snow
    Crane: GE7.2008FX: Water splashes, Sand
Sony Music Studios
    DVD Quality Assurance
New York, NYStart: 1.2004
NASA-Goddard Institute for Space Studies
    Research Associate
New York, NYStart: 6.1997

Brooklyn International Film FestivalBrooklyn, NY6.2009
Visual Arts GalleryNew York, NY1.2006

Work Skills
    Images:   Nuke; Photoshop; Final Cut.
    Design:    AE, Illustrator, InDesign; Rapidform.
    VFX:        Houdini, Maya, C4D.
    Work:        Python, Matlab; LaTeX.
    Web:         HTML, CSS, Javascript.
    Interests:  GLSL; Arduino.

Work Areas

    VFX:                Paint/Roto/Comp; Effects, Lighting.
    Design:            Motion, Web, Print design; Sculpture.
    Photography:   Retouching, Production.
    Interests:         EE, Dynamical Systems.
    Art:           Drawing, Photography.
    Dance:     House, Breaking.
    Music:       Violin, Ableton.
    Topics:     History of computation.